At Faith Lutheran School we partner with parents in the education of their child. We support and value the impact parental involvement has on the growth and development of their child. The higher the level of parent participation in their child’s schooling, the greater the impact on student achievement.

Parental involvement can take many forms: school advocacy, decision-making and oversight roles, driving for field trips, general volunteering, and fundraising efforts.

Each family at Faith Lutheran School is required to volunteer 10 hours from September through May 31 of each year. The school offers multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the school year, sufficient to meet all required volunteer hours. The director, office manager, or pastor will send out periodic emails highlighting upcoming events and volunteer needs. Classroom teachers will provide similar opportunities as well.

To log hours, please fill out the FLS Volunteer Log form in the office.

Any of the required 10 general volunteer hours that are not fulfilled by May 31 will be billed at a rate of $40 per hour. Unpaid hours may result in suspension of the student for the remainder of the school year and withholding the student portfolio or records.