Two boys work together to use a hole punch on a strip of paper with numbers on it. In the background, children explore with watercolor paints.

Our Pre-K class uses CreativeCurriculum for Pre-Kindergarten along with a Pre-Kindergarten Zoo Phonics curriculum. Students are provided with a variety of hands-on experiences to develop reading and writing readiness skills and problem solving strategies. While exploring different themes (fall harvest, five senses, ocean animals, etc.), students will learn:

  • phonological awareness
  • letter recognition
  • oral language skills
  • science and social studies concepts
  • math concepts such as counting, comparing numbers, recognizing shapes and their characteristics, and measurement
  • pre-reading skills, such as comprehension, predicting, sequencing, cause and effect, and story structure
  • social and emotional skills

Here is a sample schedule:

9:00 – Free exploration
9:30 – Circle time (calendar, class jobs, letter of the week, weather, zoo phonics)
10:00 – Recess
10:30 – Wash hands/snack/quiet reading
10:45 – Introduction to learning centers
11:00 – Learning centers
11:40 – Circle time (science, show and share, countries & cultures)
12:00 – Lunch
12:30 – Recess
1:00 – Rest time
1:45 – Large group project (science, STEM, art), centers
2:45 – Snack
3:00 – Recess
3:15 – Final dismissal

* Before and after school care is available.